Honda Genuine Cargo Tray

About Honda Genuine Cargo Trays

The cargo area in your Honda takes a lot of abuse. Just think of all the things you put back there - dirty camping gear, muddy sports equipment, leaking groceries, wet pets, and much more. You probably put things in the cargo area that you wouldn't put on your nicely upholstered seats.

Unfortunately, this abuse quickly takes a toll. If you want to protect the rear of your vehicle, and make it durable enough to weather anything you throw at it, you need to use a Honda genuine cargo tray. Find yours at Honda of Seattle.

A cargo tray is a thick liner specifically shaped and molded to fit your vehicle's cargo area. It takes up a negligible amount of space, but it provides a barrier of protection between your cargo and the pristine carpeting your vehicle came with. Made from quality ABS plastic, cargo trays are water proof, puncture resistant, and built to stay tough.

Whenever your cargo tray gets dirty, simply slide it out of your vehicle, wash it with soap and water, and slide it back in. It takes just a few moments, but this simple step can help you preserve the quality of your interior for years to come.

Your friends at Honda of Seattle can help you find cargo trays for a wide variety of Honda models. Contact our parts department and let them know what you're looking for. We'll find the right tray for you and show you exactly how to use it. Preserving the resale value of your Honda has never been easier!

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