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radio code retrieval and reset instructions

You can retrieve your code using this website by providing identity verification and vehicle information in a few simple steps

radio codes

Retrieve Radio Code

As a courtesy to our customers we are happy to help provide the radio code for your vehicle over the phone in the event you should need it. However we do require that you are able to verify your identity over the phone so that we can protect you and your vehicle.

If you have never had your vehicle serviced with us we will not be able to give you the code over the phone, we would require that you come in with proof of ownership.

Procedure to electronically retrieve your radio’s serial # from most 2001 & Newer Honda’s

  1. Turn the ignition on to the second notch so that the radio powers up
  2. Turn the radio off
  3. Press and hold the buttons 1 & 6 (keep holding them)
  4. With your other hand turn the radio on.
  5. A sequence of numbers and possibly letters will display on the screen, write these down they are the Serial #. On some models it will display a set for a few seconds and then another set, write them all down in order.
  6. Let go of the buttons and now call us with the Serial # - 206-382-8828

If you have a vehicle that is a 2000 & older you cannot electronically retrieve the Serial #. The only way to get the code on these older models is to remove the radio in order to access the Serial # on the back of the radio.