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The Latest Honda Recalls

The next time you hear about Honda recalls and you need information about what to do, work with the team at Honda of Seattle. Our Honda experts can explain what's going on and help you navigate the recall process so that it works to your benefit. This can be a confusing and drawn-out process, but we strive to make it fast and easy.

If a recall has been issued on a Honda vehicle that you own, you could be notified in one of a few ways:

  • The manufacturer may notify you
  • The dealership where you purchased the vehicle may notify you
  • You may hear of the recall through a news outlet or online search. 
As soon as you hear about the recall, get in touch with Honda of Seattle.

In most cases, we can swap out parts, tweak mechanical processes, and satisfy the issues raised by the recall, all in our service department. Our specialized Honda mechanics have extensive experience with the Honda product line and know the ins and outs of these vehicles thoroughly. Taking care of a recall issue is typically a speedy process.

Once the repair is complete, one of our mechanics will be available to answer any questions you may have. After you're satisfied with the work, you can drive away knowing that your vehicle is safe and sound.

There will be no charge for any of the work that we perform. All our recall projects are done for free and are given the highest priority in our service department. The issue is not your fault, so we don't want the resolution to take any longer than necessary.

If the issue requires more maintenance than our dealership is equipped to provide, we can help you work directly with Honda to expedite the process. We have a close working relationship with the manufacturer, and they share our commitment to all Honda drivers. We can connect you with the right people, help you with any paper-work, work out logistical issues, and ensure that you are treated fairly from beginning to end.

If you hear about recent Honda recalls, don't wait to act. Get the issue resolved at your earliest possible convenience. Work with your friends at Honda of Seattle to make sure you have the best Honda possible.

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